Hello Everyone and Welcome!

We just want to start off with saying welcome to our page!

Makenzie and Amber are your creators here! We do everything from basic action RPG to open world games! We love horror games and silly games! We love to try new games to! Constantly trying to broaden our horizon our horizon in the gaming world!

On a different note, I am sure some people want some back story... So let's go back a few years into the horrible age of middle school or aka pre-teens....

We met in our small hometown (left to the unknown imagination) and went to a "everybody knows everybody" school. That being said, we grew up with more drama than the norm. Having shared best friends and crushes, we grew closer in the things we could share... video games. At the middle school age, we loved The Sims and taking selfies! Ha Ha! They were not known as that then though.

Moving on... in high school we had our ups and downs as any set of friends... BEST FRIENDS... would! We fought mainly over the gossip and bullshit that was high school. We grew apart for a couple months in early part of high school, but quickly started talking daily again! And within those few months, we had both become more fond of video games!

Moving on from high school and into out twenties, we had more money and less time.... But that didn't matter, we wanted to play video games and also hang out together. After a few years of LAN parties and just online playing via Steam and other devices, we finally took the plunge!

We both have wanted to record and do Let's Plays for awhile now... Now we have found our solution, CO-OP streaming! Whether one or both of us are playing, we will be playing games (new and old) for your entertainment!